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-- a whole family is run down on the sidewalk. good evening. i'm ama daetz. alan wang has the night off. it happened in front of the mariott hotel in walnut creek. the mass roman is live with the latest on the developing story. reporter: we're on north main street. it's open now after being closed because of the accident. just a little while ago the police told us they have arrested the driver of the pickup truck who killed one woman and injured another for vehicular manslaughter and identified him as 53-year-old jose cabrizi, a resident of walnut creek. witnesses say that at 6:30 this
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red chevrolet pickup truck came down the street. >> the people didn't have a chance. and mom flew all the way from the corner here, and the girl flew all to the sidewalk. >> the police say the mother died apparently on impact. he body lies at least 40 feet from where the truck struck here and another female. the injured woman was taken to a local hospital in what was called grave condition. >> the young girl, was laying down. she was -- her head was all bloody, and she was conscious. reporter: the accident happened in front of the mariott hotel in north main and paradise drive. the driver of the pickup truck had to be distracted from the truck by ems crews crews and han hospitalized. police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol were involved
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in the accident. first reports were that both victims were mother and daughter. but police are not revealing the relationship between the two. except to say that the woman who was injured is in serious condition. the condition of the driver is unknown. walnut creek, abc-7 news. >> ama: in san mateo tonight, a missing windsurfer has been found alive in well. the 50 year got strand off could i eat -- coyote park. he had been wind surfing with his son before he went out on his own. he spent more than three hours in the water. two south san francisco toddlers are safe after being taken from their home and forced to spend three nights on the run with their father on a sailboat. this is a mug shot.
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this picture shows the children just minutes after being reunited with their mother. >> maybe he didn't have muff food on the boat. >> these are photos taken of brooklyn and devon, the brother and sister are enjoying themselves as a cousin's birthday party, just 2 hours after the coast guard rescued them off a stolenat. >> i was just so relieved when i heard they were found and safe. >> authorities arrested the children's father. he is charged with kidnapping, parental abduction and child endangerment. >> according to the kids' grandmother, on tuesday afternoon, he broke into the house, grabbed the children and ran down at the treat to his rental car which was running. he put the kids inside and sped
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away. police say he then drove to alameda, where he stole this 40-foot yacht. the police, county officials, the fbi, and the coast guard tracked his open-sea getaway for three days, and last night, just before 8:00, two boats filled with law enforcement and hostage negotiators moved in. >> the suspect expressed that he was remorseful, that he wanted to do anything that he could to assist. >> while their father was taken into custody, the children were reunited with their mother. >> she was exhausted. but happy. >> jennifer has been estranged from her ex-boyfriend for two years. in fact the die her children were taken from her home, she was filing for a restraining order against the suspect. >> ama: in statement released tonight, the children's mother said, i am eternally greatful gl and thankful to the south san
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francisco and alameda police departments, united states coast guard, fbi, and the media for their hard work and diligence. she says both kids are doing great. police in pittsburg are piecing together clues in the murder of an 18-year-old who was killed just as he was about to tape a video. >> to his friends, the 18-year-old musician was known as mac day. >> this is a video he filmed with his friends this summer. his real name is devon george. he was shot to death at buoy can knack park in pittsburg. his family is struggling to understand. >> he is a well-behaved kid. he just has a lot of love in him. and sad thing about it, his little brothers and sisters were there when this all unfolded. reporter: police say devon and five other people were about to
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begin filming at the park. when two other people walked up to them and an argument broke out. investigators say devon's group started running. george was shot in the back. this happened in broad daylight and investigators have two suspects they're looking for. there are surveillance cameras at the park and detectives are pouring over videos from the camera as part of the investigation but police have not released any information on the suspects. devon's uncle says the 18 year has been producing music since he was six years old and was get something positive attention recently. >> making songs and meeting artists throughout the industry. that was starting to happen. they war starting to contact him. >> he says devon's siblings, who witnessed the shooting, are now getting counseling because of what happened. >> search crews are looking for canal student from lafayette who disappear during a tubing trim
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on the sacramento river. brett olson, cal poly student, vanished after setting out on a river near chico. watercraft will be on the river through the weekend looking for olson. authorities say it's possible he got lost in the brush around the beach. there's a massive facebook campaign to find him. it has over 86,000 members and his father posted information that there was a reward. >> in morgan hill, volunteers showed up to search for missing sierra lamar. she disappeared march 16th 16th from her home. and torres has been charged with her murder. >> it is just hard at times, of course, like what happened yesterday. everybody was scared. but everybody still showed up here today, and it's been very
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talkative. >> up to 60 volunteers show up every search day to help look for sierra. he. >> a wildfire burning in lake county continues to burn out of control. the scott fire has burned more than 3,000 acres since it began yesterday afternoon. it's eight miles east of ucould ia. evacuations in the area have been lifted but the fire is only 5% contained. fire officials have re-opened highway 16, even as the fight continues to contain a huge wildfire there. the fire is burning near runsey canyon, 60 miles northwest of sacramento. 26 scare miles have been scorched. the fire is 70% contained. >> a wildfire burning in the san gabriel mountains is 78% contained and officials are hoping for full containment thursday. the fire broke out last sunday, forcing hundreds of labor day campers to pack up and leave.
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the new restrictions facing california employers. the law just signed today that helps prevent discrimination in the work place. >> and paul ryan heads to silicon valley and jumps into he high-tech world. what he did coming up. wild weather hits the east coast. we'll show you what is happening. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. i had a couple of advisories i'll pass on to you. and we'll take a look at the
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vice-presidential candidate paul ryan spent the day raising campaign cash in california and made a couple stops in the bay area. he was at in danville, and then headed to google headquarters and had an online chat. he took questions from supporters about a number of issues, including the economy. >> we want economic growth. we want opportunity. we want an opportunity in society where everybody can make the most of their life and tap the potential, where nothing stands in their way. >> ryan wrapped up the day with a fundraising dinner at the fresno convention center. you can watch the video chat from google on or webs. coming up at 11:35. the presidential candidates hit the streets to gain votes. we'll show you the key battle ground states. >> california employers must now
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accommodate religious attire and out in place people who wear it out of public view. a result of a bill signed by governor jerry brown. he was joined by several members of the sikh community, wearing temperature -- turn -- turbans. >> makes it veer -- very clear that a dress code must accommodate religious attire so so long as there's no undo hardship on the employer. they need to say you can wear that head scarf and turban. >> the new law has the potential to help the case of a woman who sued disneyland, claiming he was fired from a hose test position because of the head scarf. >> in palo alto 17 cars have been broken into. all been in parking lots, and all in the early evening.
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police say it does not appear the suspect target evidence any particular cars but believe the incidents are connected. >> makers of plastic bags are fighting walk in santa cruz. the filed a lawsuit again the city to toss out the city's plastic bag began. a group argues the ban increases the production of paper and reuse even bags which they say has a negative environmental impact. and the groups want the fee that retailers charged for paper bags increase froamed 10 to 15 cents. >> the refinery in martinez is conducting flair maintenance. flares are used to ignite excess gas and depressurize equipment. the east coast is now being battered by weather that hit the midwest friday. new yorkers saw a rare sight. a tornado. actually two. this was taken in the city of
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breezy point. the tornado rips through a house and the lights flash. one man was closing up his summer home. >> two ladies same bay and said, jim, there's a tornado watch. i thought no big deal, and luckily i was out because the whole side of my can pa na got wind blown, and everything was blowing all over the police. >> ama: the midwest continues to be affect by the weather. high winds tore off the roof of a ewe u-haul store in ohio and landed on a car watch. >> leigh: so much severe weather there. and we're nice and mild, especially inland. a check of the high definition sutro cam, showing clear skies. it's been clear all day along, although live doppler 7hd now starting to pick up a few clouds, starting to bank up near the coast. you can see them right here.
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towards the golden gate bridge. highway 1 down towards half moon bay and moss beach, you can see a closeup. just moving around. and mainly near the coast as well as the peninsula. and moving into the bay overnight tonight. extreme inland communities, you'll remain clear overnight. here's a look at the highs today. 88 in antioch. 84, fairfield. 70, san rafael, santa rows sacks 76. san francisco, 62. and morgan hill today. warm to 78 degrees. antioch, 70s right now. and san francisco, 55. our highlights next week, they include low clouds near the coast and bay tonight. it will turn cooler for your sunday afternoon, and then we'll
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rebound nicely with warming temperatures as we head into the middle part of next week. here's a look at our lows tonight. generally in the 50s. we may see a few mid-to-upper 40s, and extreme north bay communities such as cloverdale and santa rosa, and the fog base will move in near the coast and the bay, and the culprit is this area of low pressure right here, the counterclockwise spin, it's going to push the low clouds and fog a little towards the coast and the bay overnight tonight, but it's also going to bring us a cooler air matches that's why temperatures for sunday will come down. i do want to pass along a couple advisories. a red flag warning from noon to 8:00, lake county, towards the sierra range. low relative humidity, less than 10%. and strong winds will pick up out of the west. quite a bit of wave action. we do have a beach hazard advisory for strong rip
11:20 pm
currents. marina state beach, monterey bay. so keep that in mind if your plans tack you in that direction. we'm start off with low clouds tomorrow morning, and then see how it clears off nicely. we'll see the stiff sea breeze move in, so temperatures across the bay area will be coming down. in fact fairfield tomorrow, 82, antioch, you'll only warm to 83. napa, 75. san francisco, afternoon sun, 63. 83 for gilroy. 73, watsonville. and monterey, 64. the accuweather seven-day forecast, after tomorrow's cooldown, we're going to heat things up. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, inland temperatures mid-90s, and mid-to-upper 60s near the coast. >> ama: we do want to remind you that abc-7's january noon lineup debuts on monday. general hospital will air at
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1:00 p.m. instead of 2:00, and then who was wants to be millionaire at 2:00, and then the new talk show with katie couric. >> and talking sports, especially college football. >> mike: locally, three winners, cal bears came out of hibernation, and in southern utah, a win is a bin. they get ohio state next wee
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>> mike: you'd think cal would rub all over southern utah but that was not the case. the bears looked better but need improvement. cal broke it up in the fourth quarter. maynard finds allen. bears on top 2-17. mark anthony, 61-yard interception, returned for a touch. allen, turns on the jets. cal up 44-17. bears got insurance. see ya. 77 yards for the touchdown. cal wins its first game of the
11:25 pm
season 50-31 the final. but coach tedford is a hard man to please. >> too many penalties. you cannot continue to do that and shoot of ourself in the foot and expect to win close football games. we broke it open in the second half today with a lot of big plays, but -- and we're really hurting ourself a lot. and so we have to clean that up for sure. >> mike: stanford hosting -- cardinal jump out to a big lead. stanford on top 7-0. second quarter. taylor takes the handoff up the middle. 13 yards. led 23-3 at the half. quarterback josh nunes looking more confident enable his second start. perfect throw. having a heck of a year, three touchdowns in two games, stanford improves to 2-0 with a rout of duke.
11:26 pm
>> sansan jose state bounces bak after the loss last week. on top 28-7. sales threw for 277 yards. and i like the new unis. spartans improving to 1-1. >> we're in phenomenal shape. we're very strong, very athletic, and i think we can, just like last week, we started making progress, and started -- we don't wear down. we just keep going. >> mike: they could be the surprise team of the bay area. dodgers steal one from the giants to even the series at a game apiece. a's catcher hits his second home run in as many games, the a's over the mari
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>> mike: how about a little baseball. giants and dodgers, and anytime you have matt cane on the hill you feel good but the dodgers said, not so fast. belt lines one. posey scores. giants on top 2-1. matt cain pitched well but found trouble in the eighth. uncorks a rare wild peach. -- pitch. in the ninth. ramirez doubles. then the gaff. adrian gonzalez scores. giants bring the go-ahead run to the plate but dodgers win. >> a's and mariners in seattle. fourth inning, george cat was -- cat qatar -- in the fourth, coco crisp, doubles to the gap in
11:31 pm
right center. pennington scores from first. brett an -- anderson, now 4-0 in four starts. a's win 6-1, and hold a half game lead over baltimore. >> ward defended his middleweight title at oracle arena against chad dawson. dawson came down and weighed for the fight. ward dominated from the beginning. dawson did not use his jab. was knocked down twice in the tenth, ward new he has dawson where he wanted him and unloads a barrage. the fight was called. andre ward remains undefeated at 26-0, with a ten inch round tko. >> this sports report brought to you by river rook casino. coming up later, the niners open
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up in green bay. >> ama: still to come, the race for president heats up. we'll look at the key battleground states and the upcoming debate. >> new concerned about the safety in yosemite park. >> a new treatment changing lives. how it works to put an end
11:33 pm
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>> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz. a mother was killed and her daughter injured when they were hit by a pickup truck in walnut creek. witnesses say the truck was speeding when it jumped the sidewalk and hit the victim. the driver has been arrest for vehicular manslaughter. >> a happy ending in the search for a missing win surfer in san ma san mateo. he clung to his board. he got stranded when the wind died down. >> two toddlers are back with their mom after being kidnapped by the father and held on a yacht in monterey. the father has been charged with kidnapping, parental abduction and child endangerment. in the race for the president, neither president obama nor mitt romney got a significant boost of their conventions. the race is still virtually tied. in the coming weeks the
11:36 pm
candidates will be focusing on the key battlegrounds states. >> president obama kicked off a two-day florida bus tour in september noel. -- seminole. the president is trying to convince voters to stay the course, saying the election is between two different visions for the country, and reiterated a message that he need four more years to fix the problems accumulated over decades. >> when poo our opponent says this nation is in decline, they're dead wrong. >> after spending the week preparing for the debate, mitt romney was back on the campaign trail in virginia beach. he used in friday's johns report to criticize the leadership. >> this is note kind of news the american people are hoping for and deserve. i'm here to tell you things are about to get a lot better. but that's going to require you
11:37 pm
doing something important and that's electing me the next president of the united states. >> vice-president joe biden was in another key battle groundstate, ohio, attacking the republicans on medicare. paul ryan attended fundraisers in california before heading to oregon to prepare for next month's debate. >> scientists are scramming to warn thousands of people who visited yosemite national park this summer about the deadly hantavirus. eight people have come down with the disease and three have died. >> throughout the park, warnings posted. park rangers flagging motorists as they enter. but the greatest danger could be to those who already left yosemite. tens of thousands at risk. >> this is possibly the greatest cluster which occurred in the united states that i'm aware of. reporter: so far, eight people have come done with the hanta
11:38 pm
virus, three have died, and there other be more cases as far away as france. the many outbreak traced to the curry village camp site, and now a second camp site is red flags. warnings like these went out to 10,000 people who visited curry village since june. this week notices went out to an additional 19,000tuolomne visitors. 29,000 visitors in all, being warped be the hantavirus system. including fa teecialtion chills, and give way to coughing and breathing problems, and tourists are worried. >> actually had a mouse run across my head. scared meishing the only way for somebody to contract hantavirus is by breathing in particles of mouse feces and mouse urine and has to be in an enclosed area, where there's not a lot of
11:39 pm
ventilation. >> there's no known cure for the virus. >> to another medical emergency. the west nile virus. it claimed its fourth victim in california. an 85-year-old merced county woman died after being invected last month. west nile has claimed victims in fresno, kern, and sacramento counties. all the victims were over 80. so far, 87 people nationwide have died from the virus. health experts are calling the outbreak one of the worst since 1999 when the virus first appeared in the u.s. >> chinese officials tonight caution the death toll from yesterday's quakes will probably grow. right now at least 80 people have died in the quakes and 800 more are injured. the 5.6 magnitude quake hit in a poor mountainous area in china with little or no communication. landslides blocked roads. >> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton met with south korean and malaise san leaders today. it's part of the asia-pacific
11:40 pm
economic cooperation meeting which wraps up tomorrow. clinton also met with russian leaders to ask for its support to end the crisis in syria. after the meeting russian leaders said moscow is opposed to u.s. backed penalties. >> people in san francisco took the step to help improve the lives of children in syria. this walk across the golden gate bridge is one of 20 walks held nice as part of an effort to bring attention to the civil unrest in syria and the malnourished children there. >> the whole world is watching, massacre after massacre, and nobody is taking action to help the syrian people. >> being a syrian-american, i feel obligated to march on their behalf. >> ama: the united nations declared a humanitarian crisis in syria.
11:41 pm
for each person who registered, $5 goes to provide aid. >> for the first time ever the california national guard has a female brigade commander. colonel kelly fisher was installed this morning at travis air force base. fisher, 30 year air force veteran wishing lead the military police brigade. the 49th is the homeland response force for the western states. still to come, beating a problem of perspiration. plus, a farmer turned pioneer, and a new machine that could revolutionize agriculture. >> leigh: we'll take another look at the sunday forecast, plus some travel destinations
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>> there's a new option for people who suffer from severe perspiration. this noninvasive treatment is promising to curl the problem at its source. carolyn johnson has the consider. >> for julia dougherty, taking a walk in the hot sun can bring uncomfortable consequences. >> i noticed five years ago the amount of perspiration i had -- she decided to undergo a treatment. the system promises to get rid of excessive perspiration
11:45 pm
permanently. >> exciting because it's a nobody invasive way to destroy sweat glandses, and they're respond for excessive underarm sweating. >> a san francisco dermatologist says the techniques safe because there are a sweat glandses in the other part of the body to compensation. after first marking out a grid, a technician uses a hand set to deliver heat. >> microwave energy to focus energy at the level of the skin where the sweat blands reside, and destroys them. >> while the microwave component delivers the energy to calibrated depth, a pair -- parallel system provides cooling for the skin. the device is an alternative to surgical treatments, including a probe used to destroy the sweat bland, and botox injections,
11:46 pm
whichs used to temporarily disable sweat glandses. >> all of them can have side effects, most commonly pain and swelling in the treatment area which can last for several days or several weeks. >> the energy in the system is -- the hand set helps guide the technician through the procedure. >> when to start and stop. >> in about an hour, jewelas finished and ready to go home, hopefully to a new life free from severe perspiration. >> it's just more of a comfort issue, really. mostly physical, somewhat emotional. >> the treatment costs roughly $5,000 and is not covered by insurance. >> you have heard of solar energy and wind energy. what about walnut energy? a walnut farmer is using his
11:47 pm
stockpiles of leftover shells to power his farm. he has a machine that converts them into a combustible gas fed to a generator. he says he is the first person in the state to try it. >> the goal is for us to be sort of an example for other farms, peach pits, almond chips. >> lester is getting a second gas-ifier. when they are finished they'll produce 80% of the electricity used for his farm. >> leigh: we're going to see the subtropical moisture feed into southern california. they had numerous thunderstorms today, and we'll see that again tomorrow with san diego expecting scattered thunderstorms. if you're playing to los angeles no problem getting there, but maybe a thunderstorm or two. 84. 99 in palm springses.
11:48 pm
sacramento. 88. we told your earlier that long with the severe weather in the eastern seaboard states, that kicks out and a touch of fall settles down as a cooler air mass settleles over chicago. look for sunshine. dallas, 89, 86, denver, a chance of an afternoon shower, and seattle will see a little light rain there tomorrow, 64. here in the bay area, this is how you can plan your day tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s. by lunchtime, look for sunshine, 70s inland, the bay warming into the mid-60s and then the sea breeze will move in, so a cooler afternoon tomorrow as the breeze will be with us. day jim -- daytime highs low to mid-80s. a cool day tomorrow and then heat up tuesday, wednesday,
11:49 pm
thursday. and that time frame temperatures inland will warm back into the mid-to-low 90s and 80s around the bay. >> ama: thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports and the 49ers cake off the season. >> mike: that's right in green bay, and a battle of 0 quarterbacks who will always be linked. aaron rodgers and alex smith, [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> mike: the 49ers begin their run for a sixth super bowl title sunday in lambeau field in green bay where they have not won since 1990. this will be a battle of quarterback from the 2005 draft. aaron rodgers, facing off against alex smith. alex was the first overall pick in the 2005 draft and rodgers fell to 24. he and alex have been friends since the draft and still stay in touch. >> pitted against each other coming out of college. and it's funny, going through that, kind of became pretty good friends had a lot in common and just staying connected in the offseason. >> a great guy, and a guy playing at a high level. so to have that many pass attempts like last year, and to take the football the way he did. didn't get enough credit.
11:53 pm
>> mike: going to be a great matchup. big day for local college football teams. cal, a must-win. they looked better in all three phases of the game. cal broke it occupy in the fourth quarter, forcing two turnovers, maynard finds allen. cal 518 total yards offense. after an interception return for a touchdown, keenan allen bobbles the punt and then turns on the jets. cal got some insurance. 77-yard. cal wins 50, 31. >> stanford hosting duke. first quarter, cardinal take the lead. and stanford jumped out on top 7-0. second quarter. taylor takes the handoff. right up the middle. stanford led 23-3 in the half
11:54 pm
and broke it occupy. quarterback none yes feeling better in his start. three tds in two games. stanford 15-13 victory. >> usc facing sire -- syracuse, barkley, sixdowns. usc wins big, 42-29, face stanford next quebec. >> san jose state bounced back from their loss to stanford with the win over uc davis. nice grab. ten yards out. san jose state on top 28-7. sales threw for 2 '7 yards. big night for the spartans running back, 130 yards, three tds, spartans cruise 45, 13. good news for a's pitcher brandon mccarthy, he had surgery to relieve pressure on
11:55 pm
his brain, after being hit by a line drive, he is up and texting. >> a's and mariners seattle. fourth inning, george kottaras. a lot bat. gives the a's the 4-1 lead. in the fourth, coke coco crisp. a's on top 5-1. another solid outing for brett anderson, six innings, one unearned run. his e.r.a. is .69. now 4-0 in four starts. a's win 6-1, and have a half game lead for the wild card over baltimore. >> giants and dodgers. matt cain pitched well. but double in the eighth. a rare wild pitch. we're tied at 2. then in the ninth. ramirez doubles. adrian gonzalez scores. dodgers take the lead. giants bring the go-ahead run to the plate. and league, gets the batter to
11:56 pm
line out. >> rain hampered the u.s. open. the women's final pushed to sunday. only got one semi in as andy murray was into the finals beating thomas berdych. measure are's had is blown off. murray was distracted and gave up on the play. wasn't happy. period ditch complained, what awarded a replay. now match point. bed ditch hits long, murray into the finals, facing djokovic or ferrer. >> pga few fedex cup playoff. 70 players whet whittled down to 30 for the final event. mickelson had his putter working. got a new grip. 10 birdies on the day. 8-under 64. >> shares the lead with vijay singh. he found his game. gets the putt to drop for birdie on 17. shoots a 3-under # 9.
11:57 pm
and rory mcilroy, striking distance. a stroke off the lead. tiger woods, three shots back going into the final roindz round. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. should be a good matchup tomorrow, 49erss and grebe. >> ama: thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and, and...and then the awards started coming in, and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition.
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